• Wealth Transferred to Children & Grandchildren Family Limited Partnership
    Assisted a client for over 25 years to sell off her portfolio of undeveloped real estate. This allowed her to transfer a substantial part of her wealth to her children and grandchildren through a family limited partnership. By doing so, she not only paid for college for all of her grandchildren but also developed strong bonds with them through annual family vacations.
  • Revised Property and Investment Plan for Trust Family Cottage Trust
    Assisted a client who owned a cottage in Maine in establishing a family cottage trust, allowing their children to continue using and enjoying the cottage after their parents' death without any obligation to pay for the cost. The client also revised their investment plan, making funds available for the remainder of their grandchildren's lives, as well.
  • Successful Transfer of Ownership Business & Farm Ownership Transfer
    In numerous cases, Jeff has helped people create plans to not only transfer clients' businesses or farms to the next generation, but also eliminate dissension in the family by providing for family members not involved in the original family enterprise.